be a nine days' wonder idiom ne demek?

 "The idiom ""be a nine days' wonder"" in Turkish can be translated as ""dokuz gün konuşulan olay"" or ""bir süreliğine ilgi çeken olay"". 

This idiom has its roots in the English culture and it is used to refer to something or someone that suddenly becomes very famous, but only for a very short time. In a detailed explanation, it describes situations, events, or persons that quickly gain immense popularity or attention but are forgotten equally quickly, often within 'nine days'. 

So, if you call something or someone a ""nine days' wonder"" in English, you believe that they have attracted a lot of attention but will soon be forgotten.

Usage: For example, let's say there's a new technological gadget that has quickly become trendy. Everyone seems to be talking about it, but you believe that it's just a fad and people will lose interest in it very quickly. You could use this idiom in this situation by saying something like, ""This gadget is just a nine days' wonder, people will forget about it soon."""

"""Be a nine days' wonder"" is an English idiom which refers to a person, event, or thing that generates a brief period of fame or popularity and then is quickly forgotten. Here are five ways you can use the idiom in different contexts.

1. ""When the new singer first appeared on the music scene, her first song was a nine days' wonder, but she couldn't maintain her popularity.""

Translation: (Yeni şarkıcı ilk kez müzik sahnesine çıktığında, ilk şarkısı dokuz günlük bir olay oldu, ama popülaritesini sürdüremedi.)

2. ""The groundbreaking technology was only a nine days' wonder and soon lost its appeal.""

Translation: (Yeni teknoloji sadece dokuz günlük bir olaydı ve çabucak cazibesini kaybetti.)

3. ""His trendy clothing style became a nine days' wonder on social media.""

Translation: (Onun trendy giyim tarzı sosyal medyada dokuz günlük bir olay oldu.)

4. ""The scandal was a nine days' wonder before something else distracted the public's attention.""

Translation: (Skandal, halkın dikkati başka bir şeye kaymadan önce dokuz günlük bir olaydı.)

5. ""Her unusual art project was a nine days' wonder before people moved on to the next thing.""

Translation: (Onun alışılmadık sanat projesi, insanlar bir sonraki şeye geçmeden önce dokuz günlük bir olaydı.)"